Chair of the Executive Committee

Currently Works as Business Advisor and Advisor to the Board of Directors.
He worked as Staretegic Planning, Business Development and Marketing Director and Advisor to Family Business in Deloitte Turkey. He has a past experience of 45 years in top echelon management in internal audit and information systems audit, total quality management, human resources, training and communication issues in various different financial and industrial organizations. He has served as Chairman of Audit Committee of Boards of Directors.

He has held senior management positions in human resources, training and communication fields.

He is the founder of the Institute of Internal Auditing – Turkey, and has pioneered the professional organization in internal audit in Turkey, and the application and popularization of International Internal Audit Standards in Turkey, and the initiation of international certificated internal audit program and exam. He has served as a member of the Board of ECIIA (European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing).

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration, and a graduate degree from Istanbul University, Social Sciences Institute. He is a lecturer in Marmara, Bahçeşehir; Yeditepe, Galatasaray and Anadolu University.

He holds Certified Public Accountant (CPA), CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), CRMA (Certification on Risk Management Assurance), CAC (Certified Advanced Coach) certificates.

He has published various articles and papers, and held trainings and seminars, and edited, authored and participated to many books and publications, on Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Board of Directors and Audit Committee, and Family Companies.

He plays various different roles and has assumed responsibilities in many non-governmental, business and professional organizations.

He has been elected as “2007 Business Administrator of the Year” by Dünya Newspaper and Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration.

He has been granted Rotary Professional Outstanding Service Award in 2012 and Turkey Internal Audit Awareness Award in 2013 and TURCOMONEY Award in 2018.

Caricaturist (Cartoonist). His works have been exhibited in local and foreign exhibitions, and his cartoons have been and are being published in various publications, and various awards have been granted thereto.