Sustainability Training and Scoring Opportunity for Financial Institutions, Public Companies and Exporting Companies!

Within the scope of the activities of the ESG Working Group of our Association, we are initiating a “Corporate Sustainability Assessment and Needs Analysis” study for the following clusters in order to contribute to the reduction of ESG risks that will adversely affect business continuity in exports, access to finance and supply chain, and to increase corporate sustainability performances that will have a facilitating effect on foreign trade, investment and access to finance for companies that are our members, companies represented by our individual members and all organisations that contribute to the sustainable development of our country that want to participate in this study.

•        Financial Institutions

•        Public Companies

•        Exporting Companies

With this evaluation study that will contribute to the sustainability of the participating organisations, companies will be informed about their development areas in the online report that will be created specifically for them, and they will be able to create policies and targets. In our cluster-based evaluation reports, based on the strengths and openness to development of the companies participating in the evaluation, evaluations and suggestions created independently of the company name in the Environment-Social and Corporate Governance dimensions will be reported, and a road map including priorities will be prepared and shared with the participating organisations.

This assessment, which is being carried out in cooperation with CGE Evaluation, will be carried out by providing an impartial, objective and reliable method, an internationally valid ESG scoring method and reporting, and infrastructures that all participants can easily respond to.

We kindly request our members and organisations wishing to take part in the above-mentioned evaluation clusters to inform Zeynep Edis (, Business Development Assistant Specialist at our General Secretariat, of their interest and the name of the contact person, his/her position within the company and contact information (e-mail-telephone) until 10 November 2023 at the latest, indicating the cluster they wish to be included in. katılımlarınızı bekleriz.